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Address: 301 37th Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33704

Grades: completed K through 5th
Monday-Friday, 8:45 AM to 3 PM
After Care Available 3-5 PM

Cancellation Policy:

Registration fees are non-refundable if canceled one week or less before the start date.

For other cancelations we will refund the amount paid minus a $25 administrative fee per child per week. We reserve the right to cancel classes for lack of students. In this case, parents get a full refund of their payment or credit with us.

May 29- June 2, "Old Tech, New Art" - SOLD OUT -

Kids will be exposed to technology their parents are very familiar with but that is less commonly used nowadays. We will experience how these devices work and make art out of parts that are no longer functional.

NOTE TO PARENTS: we are accepting donations of old CDs, cassette tapes, DVD tapes, floppy disks, 135 mm slides, films, overhead transparencies, LPs, corded/dial phones etc. And we would love to borrow any workable projectors, record/DVD/CD players, cassette/video recorders, cameras etc.

June 5-9, "Simple Machines"

Simple machines are low tech devices like inclined planes, levers, wedges, wheels and axles, pulleys, etc. that reduce the force needed to accomplish work. Kids will learn about these devices, build their own, and explore how they are applied in our daily lives.

June 12-16, "Land of the Rising Sun" - sold out -

We will learn about and explore the art and culture of Japan. Kids will learn how to use chopsticks, make a sushi roll, fold origami, and make art inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama.

June 19-23, "Colors & Textures"- sold out -

In this week we will work with two versatile materials: paper and fabric. Kids will learn how to use them as art media but also how to convert them into materials that can be used for other purposes, including construction. 

June 26-30, "9 3/4"

Our most popular summer week! We will bring new projects and adventures as we explore the magical world of Harry Potter.

Additional siblings: $230/each

After care (M-T: 3-5 PM): $16/day

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