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The Art of Science CAMPS
301 37th Avenue North, St. Petersburg

Important Accessibility Note: Our room is on the 2nd floor and there are no elevators in the building.

Spring Break Camp 3/13 - 3/17

Registrations are open for our Spring Break camp. We will be doing a variety of great, fun, hands-on activities.

Monday-Friday, 8:45 AM to 3 PM



Monday: Showers Bring Flowers

Tuesday: Flowers

Wednesday: New Beginnings

Thursday: Seeds

Friday: Budding Artists

hydrothermal vents.jpg

Summer Camp 5/29-6/30

We are offering 5 weeks of camp this year for all tastes:

If your child enjoys technology, check out our session Old Tech, New Art.

For the to-be engineers out there, check out Simple Machines.

For kids interested in different cultures, we will be offering a week on Japan's art and culture.

For kids interested in all sorts of skills, our Colors & Textures session will work with art, engineering and science while we explore the versatility of paper and fabric.

And, of course, for the little wizards, we will continue to explore the world of Hogwarts with many new adventures in our session 9 3/4!

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