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What We Offer

Our after school classes are offered at the school, right after dismissal. Length of class is 1.5h. If you would like to bring our program to your school, contact us through the link below.
We also offer the same classes at our location (301 37th Ave N, #201).

We offer camps during spring, summer, Thanksgiving and winter breaks. Our camps are full of hands-on projects that integrate art and science, but we also find time to read and play. Weekly camps culminate on a student exhibit on Friday.
Classes are Mondays through Fridays, 8:45 AM to 3 PM.

We offer wood pyrography, and sip-and-paint classes/events for adults.
We provide all the materials. You bring friends, drinks and snacks, and enjoy a relaxed evening with us!

Ages 7 to 16
These classes work from the basics of drawing and composition to creating art pieces using different mediums in a fun and relaxed environment.

Ages 5 to 12
These classes are designed for children of Brazilians to maintain a connection with the language and culture of Brazil.

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