Bay Vista Fundamental Elementary

After school program 2019-2020:

Thursdays, 2:35 to 4:05 PM

Register for 3 sessions: 

Spring Session 1: Amazing Shelters

Thursdays, 2:35-4:05 PM, 1/16-2/13

If you prefer to complete your payment with cash or check, please send us an email:

Cancellation Policy:

Registration fees are non-refundable if cancelled one week or less before the start date.

For other cancellations we will refund the amount paid minus $25 administrative fee per child per session. 

We reserve the right to cancel classes for lack of students. In this case, parents get a full refund of their payment or credit with us.

Spring Session 2: Reflections & Symmetry

Thursdays, 2:35-4:05 PM, 2/20-3/26 (except 3/19)

Spring Session 3: What's Your Hobby?

Thursdays, 2:35-4:05 PM, 4/2-4/30