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Art and Science project kits
Materials and step-by-step video instructions included in each kit


Free delivery in the St. Petersburg area. If you need delivery elsewhere, contact us at


Buy 4 projects and we will send you a 5th project of our choice and a reusable bag!


Learn electronics and basic circuitry while building a drawing robot! Kit includes all materials for making the robot, including motor and battery, and video instructions.

Topics/skills: electrical circuits, physics, drawing.

Recommended age: 6 and up


Clay Pot and Aloe Plant

Use a sponge technique to decorate a clay pot, and plant an aloe plant. Learn the beneficial properties of aloe. Kit includes: clay pot, soil, aloe plant, paint, paint brush, sponge, and video instructions.

Topics: painting with brush, painting with sponge, medicinal plants

Recommended ages: 5 and up


Popping Bobas

Learn about and use the process of spherification to make yummy soda popping bobas! Kit includes orange soda, sodium alginate, calcium lactate, sugar, bowls, sieve, pipette, and video instructions. A blender is needed for this project.

Topics: food science, chemistry.

Recommended ages: 5 and up


Refelctive Landscape.jpg

Reflective Landscape

Learn about reflective symmetry while drawing and painting a reflective landscape. Great for practicing  motor skills and seeing the world from different perspectives! Kit includes watercolor paper, coloring pencils, watercolor paint, brush, and video instructions.


BOGO: Watercolor Painting

Root Vegetables Painting

Understand how root vegetables grow, and use that understanding to create a beautiful watercolor painting. Kit includes watercolor paint, brush, watercolor paper, and video instructions.


Topics/skills: patterns, symmetry, plant structure, drawing, watercolor painting.

Recommended age: 5 and up


Seed Dispersal and Scavenger Hunt

Learn why and how plants disperse their seeds. Use a magnifying lens to observe seeds that use different types of dispersal strategies (wind, gut of animals, and animals' fur). After learning all about seeds, use a mobile phone app to go on a scavenger hunt around your home and neighborhood. Kit includes 6 different types of seeds, magnifying lens, video instructions, and instructions for the scavenger hunt.

Topics: plant ecology, plant structure, investigation.

Recommended ages: 5 and up (adult supervision needed for scavenger hunt)

Seed Dispersal.jpg




Learn about seed dormancy and germination while dissecting a seed to see the embryo and making your own sprouts. Understand water absorption by measuring seeds. Kit includes: jar, cheese cloth, organic seeds, ruler, and video instructions.


Topics/skills: plant physiology, plant anatomy, math, food.

Recommended age: 6 and up 


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