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1200 30th Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33704
9 am - 3 pm   Free Meals
Before and After Care Available        (727) 309-1766

Completed 5th - 8th grade

June 8-12, "Classical Drawing"

Inspired by classical drawing tradition, middle schoolers will learn basics of drawing, shading and composition. They will test their skills in drawing simple objects, still life and plein air.

June 15-19, "Creative Electronics"

Kids will learn the basics of circuits and motors through fun projects. They will make open and closed circuits, circuits in series and in parallel, and learn how motors and batteries work. Each child will build a game using their acquired skills during this week.

Early Registration (by 2/29):
$200/week; siblings $180

After 2/29:

$215/week; siblings $195

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