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Summer Program 2018

June 4 - 8: Edible Science and Art: SOLD OUT

Kids will learn chemistry and physics while making yummy recipes, and will use their creativity in exciting art projects.

June 11 - 15: The World is a Puzzle

Do you love escape rooms, puzzles, I spy, Where is Waldo??? This is the perfect camp for you! We will use logic to solve puzzles and mysteries, and make art!

June 18 - 22: Kids In Charge

Kids will be in charge during this week! They will build and run a city through different jobs such as mayor, natural resource manager, business owners, etc. They will have options to work with different types of materials and understand the different aspects of a city. Specific art and science projects will be done during their "vacation time" through great destinations around the world!

June 25 - 29: Discovering the Past

We will be archaeologists and dig for clues to understand the past. We will explore ancient cultures and their art.
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