Star Project Package

For participants ages 5 to 99

$200 total for up to 8 participants. Each additional guest: $23.

Star Projects take approximately 1.5 h.

Once you have decided on a project, click here or click on one of the images below to register.

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very messy 

Oscillating Woodpecker

Part of our toys series, this oscillating woodpecker will bring back early childhood memories! Participants will understand the physics of the toy as they build it.

egg on moss 1_edited.jpg


Participants learn about the Italian painter and make a self portrait Modigliani style!

egg on moss 1_edited.jpg

Winter painting

Perfect project for a cold winter day! Participants will use several techniques to create a winter painting. 

egg on moss 1_edited.jpg

Easter Egg Dying

This is a great activity for Easter or any other time of the year! Participants will use Lithuanian folk technique to make prints on the eggs using natural materials.

egg on moss 1_edited.jpg

Pendulum Art

Participants learn about pendulum physics and use a 4 ft tripod with a pendulum to make a unique painting. The motion of the pendulum is used to drip paint onto watercolor paper.

egg on moss 1_edited.jpg


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