Safety and Behavior Guidelines

These guidelines will help maintain the safety and health of all of our campers, staff and volunteers. Please read carefully.


If your child shows any symptoms of being sick with anything (even a cold), do not bring them to class.


Parents and others dropping off and picking up campers will not be allowed inside of the building. 


Everyone at camp is required to properly wear a mask. Make sure your child has at least one extra mask with them each day, so they can wear a clean mask after lunch. Masks worn for long periods of time get moist due to breathing, and lose their efficacy. Kids will have a couple of mask breaks outside in small groups throughout the day.


Kids have to bring their own water in a bottle labeled with their name. Make sure they have plenty.


Kids will be placed in smaller groups throughout the day, and sharing of materials will be minimized. 


Projects will go home daily with camper. We will not have our usual exhibits on Fridays. We will post pictures of our daily activities and kids' projects on our Facebook page.


Facilities will be thoroughly cleaned daily, and between certain activities as necessary.


If a child is diagnosed with or exposed to Covid-19, immediately contact us, and keep child at home. A deep cleaning of the facilities and materials will be done, and parents will be notified. Camp will continue for kids not in direct contact with person infected. 

We are unable to issue refunds for absences; credit will be issued to kids asked to go into quarantine.

We reserve the right to dismiss any child from our program due to behavioral issues without refund.