Galaxy Projects

For participants ages 5 to 99

$280 total for up to 8 participants. Each additional guest: $33

Galaxy Projects take approximately 2 to 2.5 h.

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very messy 

Creative Circuits

This class teaches participants the basics of electric circuits. Each participant will learn how to make circuits in parallel and in series. They will use their knowledge of circuits to make a creative light-up card.

Darwin Finches

Learn about some of the observations that led Darwin to elaborate the Theory of Evolution and get creative!  Participants will create a representation of the Galapagos finches and their beak variation using paint and stamps on a large canvas.

Fabric Collage

Put your creativity to work in this fun-filled project! Participants use fabric scraps to make a collage. You will be impressed with the results!

Fairy Garden

Perfect project for your child's birthday party! Unleash your imagination and build a beautiful miniature fairy garden with succulents and mosses. Participants make garden elements to attract a fairy.


In this class, we play games with mirrors and explore the science of light. We make a creative kaleidoscope using flat mirrors, beads, and a variety of materials to decorate it.


Participants will extract pigments from natural sources and use them to paint a still life they set up on watercolor paper. This project involves shredding vegetables and squeezing juice using cheese cloth.

Solar House

This project teaches about alternative sources of energy, specifically solar. Participants learn how to set up a solar panel circuit to light up an LED light bulb in a miniature house.


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